Finding A New Place To Rent After Being Evicted

Being Evicted does not have to be the end of the world

Any number of circumstances can lead to getting evicted like sudden and unexpected redundancy, medical bills, and debt. Being evicted is a horrible experience and can leave you feeling drained both financially and mentally. In today’s article, we’re going to look at what steps you can take to get back on your feet and minimise the damage.

Apologise and explain your situation to your landlord

It’s not your landlords fault you were unable to pay your rent and he/she has bills to pay too. Apologising to your landlord not only helps relieve any bad feelings but can also make the landlord more inclined to drop public records of your eviction. Since evictions are on public record, getting your landlord to remove records of it will halp you greatly. If your landlord agrees to this then be sure to get written conformation of his or her intent to do this.

If you make any transactions with your landlord regarding this then you should be sure to keep proof of your transactions in case your landlord goes back on the deal. Although problems with your landlord are unlikely, it is best to be proactive about the situation to prevent any further backlash.

Try and get a new reference

If you can get a reference from someone creditable such as your landlord or a business partner then this can go a long towards showing that your eviction was a mishap and that you can be trusted in the future.

You can enlist the help of financially stable friends or co-workers to enter an agreement that states they will pay the rent if you are unable to. Obviously you don’t want to let things get to a point where they have to pay but this agreement will give peace of mind to your new landlord.

Build up a healthy credit score

If you have the time, build up your damaged credit score before you apply for a new rental. You’ll need to check your post eviction score to see how bad the damage is, pay off any debts listed, and then have them erased from public record.

Be sure to always pay your bills in a timely manner and you will find your credit rating will start to recover. This is easier done by those who can stay with family or friends rather than those who need to rent again as soon as possible.

Look for private property owners

You will find that home-owners are more likely to look past credit history when they try find a tenant for their property. When looking for a new place to rent, look for privately owned properties rather than corporate owned ones. A great number of properties are being built by private individuals. Click here.

Explain your situation

Explaining your situation and the reason for your past eviction makes your potential landlord more likely to sympathise with you. Explain the circumstances openly and honestly and the landlord will be more likely to trust you. Be sure to explain what steps you’ve taken to ensure it won’t