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10 Steps to Great Couponing

Current Financial Climate

At present financial climate is dire, so as a result  we are forced to find different ways of saving and make more money. One great way of saving money is couponing, you really will be amazed  at how much money you can save on a weekly shop.

The 10 Step Couponing Plan

  1. Organising Coupons
    This really is the key to great Couponing. Accidentally throwing away, forgetting coupons or finding that coupons are out of date is a big no-no! It is a good idea to store all your coupons in one place i.e. a ring folder with plastic partitioned inserts.
  2. In-store Magazines
    Whenever you walk into a store or a supermarket check to see if they have an in-store magazine. Very often these magazines will have coupons, this way you can get discounts on items every week.
  3. Feedback
    Companies do love feedback, even if it is a complaint. However, when giving feedback  it is always good to do it in a friendly way  and by doing this you will probably be sent some coupons.
  4. Coupons On-line
    Don’t forget that coupons are also available on many websites. There are a number of sites out there that specialise in alerting you on the latest coupons. Also following the right people on Twitter, this too will give you access to the latest coupons.
  5. Store Loyalty Cards
    Just because you have a loyalty card does not mean that you are always getting the best deal. Don’t be afraid to look around elsewhere to get the best deals and discounts. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, then go there and get your savings.
  6. Tune Your Couponing Radar
    When you are shopping, remember that some of the products actually have coupons attached to them. So when you are shopping lookout for these. At first it is difficult to spot, but with time it just becomes second nature.
  7. Coupons Don’t Have To Used At Once
    Just because you have a whole bunch of coupons does not mean that you have to use them all at once. Check to see if they have an expiry date, as sometimes these coupons can be used at a later date in conjunction with any in-store discounts. This way you could save even more money.
  8. Dumpster Diving
    OK, this is going a little to the extreme, but a lots of coupons are thrown away. So it is always worth looking out for coupons that have been discarded.
  9. Big Is Not Always Best
    Sometimes big is not always best, with your vouchers you may be better off buying to smaller items that work out cheaper than one large item. So it is always a good idea to go to a shop armed with a calculator.
  10. Stockpiling
    Never ever be embarrassed by buying multiple non-perishable items when they are on offer! These products never go off as they have a long shelf life. This also means that you have far greater savings in the long run.

So why not give it a go, what have you got to lose, well money actually! Please do let me know how you get on in the comments section below